About Us

Pet Patio came into being in 2014 in New Delhi to provide various innovative and affordable pet care and grooming services to enhance the lives of pet parents and the overall well-being of pets.

Pet Patio provides extensive services, from pet grooming, pet spas, daycare and more, to enrich the lives of pets and their families. We have successfully established pawprints in our favourite neighbourhood pet store in New Delhi. We have found a new and welcoming territory in Dubai. Pet Patio has opened its doors for your pets at our first brand-new store at Prestigious Community Centre Mall. We all deserve some pampering now and then, especially your pets.


Nimit Sethi

Our founder, Nimit Sethi, has been an ardent animal lover since his childhood and had a deep desire to care for them, as a result of which he brought together like-minded and zealous people to create Pet Patio to make it a one-stop destination for pet care needs. We aim to be the preferred choice for pet parents so they do not have to look elsewhere to give their little ones a luxurious time.

Core Values


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We understand that no two people are the same and neither what they look for in their pet. Guess what? No two pets are the same as well! Therefore, we are flexible and willing to change and adapt to each client's and pet's requirements.


We have a team of dedicated and professional people who will ensure a safe and nurturing environment for your pet.

Positive Attitude

We show up daily with a smile, love, and an optimistic outlook. We love to see your pets happy!


We collaborate to create a work environment that allows growth while providing a safe space for everyone.


For notorious beings who run away from bathing, we offer bathing and grooming services in a friendly and relaxed setting, where they can also hang out before or after the spa.

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It's Spa Time!

We Have More!


Add a herbal oil massage for whole-body muscle relaxation and pain relief for little munchkins who run around the house all day.


Pick from a selection of special shampoos to treat conditions such as fleas/ticks and hair tangles.


Has your pet been out all day playing in filth? Add a facial treatment to remove those stubborn stains and massage facial muscles.


Bring back the sheen of your pet's coat by choosing from special conditioners.

Walk In and Ask!


Let us remove annoying hair tangles by brushing and de-shedding. However, we must offer a haircut/shaving of the coat if the knots are at the root.

Facial Hair Trim

Get rid of your pet's long and excessive facial hair near the eyes, nose, and forehead.

Tooth Brush

Let us remove annoying hair tangles by brushing and de-shedding. However, we must offer a haircut/shaving of the coat if the knots are at the root.


Worried about your pet's paws? Please treat them with a pawdicure, including nail clipping, hair trim, and paw balm.

Nail Clipping

We'll cut those long nails and file them for a polished look.

Gland Expression

Anal Gland Expression to ensure that the pet is not uncomfortable.

Ear Cleaning

We'll clean their ears using medicated ear drops cleaner to remove ear mites.

Eyes Cleaning

We'll clean their eyes using a medicated serum.

Are you looking for someone to look after your pet while you're away?

Daycare for Pets?
Yes, please!

Let us help you

10 am - 9 pm


Pet Patio has a daycare which provides immense love to the little ones, taking them out for short walks and providing them with food and treats so that your pet misses you a little less. This is also an opportunity for your pet to socialise, make new friends, and learn a few new tricks, all of which will be done under the supervision of well-trained professionals

No Time On Your Hands?
Let Pet Patio Help You!

It's okay if you do not have time to visit the store with your pet, but that should not be why they miss out on a joyful day. That's why Pet Patio takes the responsibility of safely picking your little one up and dropping them safely to you.

(Yes, we love pets that much!)